The Salad Refreshed Lunch Time

The Salad Refreshed Lunch Time is occasionally developed when I was cooking for my lunch. I did not want to ingest too many calories and hence came up with an idea to make a seem-to-be healthy and delicious salad. I did not expect too much of it, given the fact that I had made salad not that palatable with a sour Italian-style salad sauce. However, this time the salad turns out to be quite delicious, so I decided to share this recipe.

One thing to mention is that serving the salad with a cup of warm or hot milk will be an enjoyable adventure, since the ingredients to make the salad are generally cold from the fridge. A cup of warm milk can provide you both the warmness and additional calories you may need for your lunch.


  1. Assorted vegetable salad (from Walmart), 1 package
  2. Fresh sweet green grapes, 1 bunch (about 1/4 – 1/3 of the vegetable)
  3. Fresh fragrant blueberries, 1 fistful (about 1/3 – 1/2 of the grapes)
  4. Assorted oatmeal (produced by Calbee), 1 fistful
  5. White mayonnaise sauce (produced by Best Foods)
  6. Thousand island sauce (produced by Kraft)
  7. Tomato ketchup (produced by Hunts)


  1. Rinse the vegetable, the grapes and the blueberries with drinkable water.

  2. Put the blueberries into a bowl of water, and pour a certain amount of salt into the water, after which stir roughly. (Do not be too careful when you pour the salt, because the saline water will be disposed later and only a little bit salt will remain on the surface of the blueberries)

  3. Put the vegetable to a large bowl, which is going to be finally served. Then pour as much thousand island sauce as it is able to cover all vegetable leaves after mixed, and stir to mix the vegetable and sauce together.

  4. Put some ketchup to the vegetable, about 1/10 – 1/8 of the thousand island sauce, and stir roughly. (Do not mix them too obsessively, which can destroy the taste variety)

  5. Now put the blueberries, directly taken from the saline water, and the grapes onto the vegetable base, with some mayonnaise sauce, about 1/5 – 1/4 of the thousand island sauce. Stir to mix the grapes, blueberries and mayonnaise together. (Notice that you don’t have to rinse the blueberries from saline water, and should not disturb the already-mixed vegetable when you mix the grapes, blueberries and mayonnaise)

  6. Sprinkle some assorted oatmeal on the top of the salad. And it is ready to serve.

Notes, Tips and Variations

  1. The reasons to immerse the blueberries in heavily saline water lie on the advantages that saline water is helpful for removing the dirt from the blueberries surfaces and the salty taste adds to the variety of salad flavors.

  2. Adding ketchup to the vegetable salad is an unusual treatment, but it does increase the taste variety of the salad, and help make an amazement.

  3. Serving the salad with a cup of warm milk is optional. Yet it can provide the additional warmness and calories one may need for lunch, since the ingredients of the salad are generally cold and one may not feel full with the lack of protein intake.