TPO 30 Independent Writing

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

It is more enjoyable to have a job where you work only three days a week for long hours than to have a job where you can work five days a week for shorter hours.

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.


After the Industrial Revolution, it has been a trend for people to crowd in cities and work in factories or offices. How long a worker should work for a week has been a popular disscusion topic for decades, and even centuries. Yet, this question still is contraversal. Working for five days a week for shorter hours a day, rather than working for three days a week for longer hours a day, is the most general situations in most workplaces, which I am sure is more reasonable.

Due to the laziness nature of literally any human being, working for five days a week is convinced to be one of the best ways to get rid of vegetating one's own life. The workload assigned to a person in every weekday is actually an obligated motivation for a person to have a different experience from sitting in front of the television at home. Take myself as an example, I was studying much more efficiently during the school days. On the other hand, during the summer holiday, I would sleep for more than 12 hours a day and do nothing but watch TV if I was fortunate enough to be awake.

Another significant reason to work for five days a week lies on the fact that splitting a problem apart into various sub-problems, which are easier to sovle, is a well known approach to solve any kind of problems. It works the same during our daily work. Working for five days a week renders splitting a week's workload into five days' work with the the worker carrying less pressures each day. If you are going to squash five days' work into three days', I am sure you are putting yourself into hot water, where you can hardly have even a second to breath.

There no doubt that working can serve as an essential social communication tool. Colleagues working in the same location are usually friends to each other. Working five days a week for shorter hours provides oppotunities for co-workers to hang out after work. During my internship in a cutting-edge technology company, Intel, I always hung out with my colleagues, who were my friends as well, after an eight-hour work. I was sure if I would have no time to go out with them after work, if I had been exhausted after work, which had lasted for longer hours. So I was grateful that our company did not make us work for 3 days a week for longer hours.

All in all, working for five days a week for shorter hours provides workers with better working experience. People can have motivations to be fresh each day; workers are having less pressures; colleagues have time to strength the friendships with each other. As far as I am concern, I will definately vote for the five-day-a-week working style.